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What Actually Cause the 2008 Financial Melt Down

Everyone remembers the financial collapse of Wall Street and most of the large banks and security firms in 2008. But very few of the average citizenry know how, why or even who actually caused it. For years 'as far back as 1956, through lobbyist and a senators and congressmen, largely Republican congressmen and senators, who were actively courted by banks, with the goal of repealing the checks and balances, which some call useless regulations, which were intended to protect the citizens of our country. The regulations protected us from dangerous and predatory bank practices which led directly to the financial collapse of 2008! Because these rules and regulations were not in place directly contributed to the destruction and loss of the finances of thousands of American Citizens and brought our country to its knees!

It has been said that knowledge is power. Well, what is so amazing is the same folks who brought you the Wall Street and Big Bank melt-down in 2008 are now in the Whitehouse and control Congress and are talking about repealing all these safe-guards put in place after 2008 designed to contol the preditory and unethical practices of big banking!

Here is how they did it! And will probably do it again!

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