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Mexican hatTexasFirstHand.com is a development project of InTech Publishing.  -  Texas is a very unique and beautiful state and is the only state that was actually it's own country before joining the Union in 1846.  It is rich in history, scenic beauty, fascinating people and full of wonderful stories, food, folklore and more. We intend to bring as much as we can of this history, people, places and information together in one place for visitors and natives alike to enjoy. This site is not only for prospective visitors to Texas but natives Texans also.

Texas is a darn big place and we are not going to even attempt to list every restaurant, hotel, store, shop, state park or all the other  great destinations within our state. We will try an publish what we consider to be some of the best places to have some good grub (a  meal ) ,  bed down, good place to visit, or a good trip and more.

Texas has a rich Spanish and Mexican heritage as it was actually part Spain and then Mexico prior to 1845.  At that time,  the people of the area, both settlers and local Mexicans, grew tired of the of the brutal dictatorship of Santa Ana and won their independence from Mexico.  And,  English was not the first modern language spoken in Texas. .  Spanish was!


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