New Texas Technology

Texas Transportation for 22nd Century

Texas has always been in the forefront of scientific research in many areas such as space exploration, auto technology and the animal sciences.  With the introduction of the Smartcar, Texas scientist took a long hard look at things they could improve using the SmartCar as an example.

With the current energy crisis, the world, Texas included, has been trying to improve on all their modes of transportation to make them smaller, more efficient and to have a smaller foot print or effect on our environment.

I  am glad to announce that a famous Texas College, who I will not name but whose school colors are Maroon, has developed a new line of fuel efficient clean transportation for Texas that will take them all the way to the 22nd Century.


The Future

My Friends meet the future of transportation in Texas for the 21st Century and beyond.



The Smaudi A3 AWD

The Smamborghini

The Smorsche

The Smerrari

The Smustang