Sugar Ridge Winery, Bristol Texas

As I mention before, I am a great fan of back road  touring. Here is another little gem we found traveling the back roads of Texas. The  Sugar Ridge Winery. The Sugar Ridge Winery located in Bristol, Texas,  a small historic town located in the north eastern part of Ellis County Just South of Dallas County. I think there are four building still standing in the town that once had a pouplulation of several thousand. But due to the depression of the 30's, like many towns, it just never bounced back to it's former glory before the financial collapse of 1929.


Sugar Ridge Winery offers great tasting wines in a beautiful setting  and have many different types of wines to choose from. They have a wide assortment of red and white wines or try some of their specialty wines like their Sangria, Party Pear or the Little Green Apple wine, my favorite.. They also have a private tasting room available for parties, receptions and special events. Call 972-666-2888 for more information on the winery.

Their website is

To find them, head to Ennis and take Hwy 34 North. At the Junction of Hwy 660 and 34 turn left. About two or three miles down the road start looking for Sugar Ridge Road. Turn left and it is a short ways down the road on the left. You can't miss it. Enjoy.


Two of their wines Legends and Little Green Apple


There is more information on Suger Ridge Winer at this link