Vautrot's Cajun Cuisine

Voutrot's Cajun REstaurantVautrot's Cajun Cuisine in Beaumont, TX

A Family-run Restaurant Not to be Missed

Many refer to deep southeast Texas as the most western part of Louisiana.  The Cajun influence is evident, especially in its restaurants. 

Around Beaumont there has always been a tradition of great Cajun seafood restaurants, such as Al's Seafood on Old Port Arthur Road and  Don's Seafood on Interstate 10.

The Louisiana Cajun families who moved west brought their tastes and love of good food with them, and we Texans are the lucky recipients.  One such family-owned business is Vautrot's Cajun Cuisine, located just east of Tram Road on Hwy. 105, northeast of Beaumont.

 Stepping inside their restaurant is like stepping into someone's home,with the friendly laid-back atmosphere putting diners at ease.  As told on their web site,, their Cajun family recipes form the basis of their menu.  Their relatives would no doubt be very proud of the quality food served at this restaurant.

Our first experience at Vautrot's (pronounced Vo-tros) was getting take-out since it was too warm to leave our little dog in the car and eat inside.  We opted for Poppa Jack's Fried Shrimp and Uncle Lloyd's Food with Whiskers.  Vautrot's does a huge take-out business and they have it down to a science.  Enter from a door other than for the restaurant, give them your order, and sit for a few minutes.  Many people obviously have Vautrot's number on speed-dial since order after order was picked up and calls came in one after the other.  The efficiency with which each order was handled was interesting to watch and my order was ready in less than ten minutes.

The Food with Whiskers is fried catfish with delicate Cajun seasoning. The fry was perfect and the fish tender and flavorful.  However, Poppa Jack's Fried Shrimp was to die for.  The shrimp was lightly hand-battered and fried to perfection.  There were at least eight, or maybe ten shrimp on the plate  and they were good-sized too.  Biting into that light crisp batter and having a big shrimp explode with fresh, just-caught flavor instantly made us want to visit again soon, to experience this all over again.

And soon we did.  We were back in the area again the next afternoon so stopped by for the fried shrimp.  Vautrot's has lots of appetizers and lots of tasty sides to accompany their entrees.  Their cole slaw and potato salad are good counterpoints to the spice.  To start we tried a steamed Boudain (Boudin) link.  Cajun-style Boudin is similar to dirty rice with liver and seasonings added and stuffed into a sausage casing. The Boudain at Vautrot's has great flavor and could be a meal by itself with a couple of sides added.

Then on to the shrimp.  Just as before, the shrimp were large, expertly hand-battered and fried, and bursting with the fresh flavor of the Gulf. We cannot find enough adjectives to adequately describe the taste of this shrimp.  Just talking about it makes us want to drive down and get some more.  On previous visits we have had Vautrot's gumbo and can recommend it.  Relatives in the area say their burgers are the best around as well.  Looking over their menu of Vautrot's Tuesday through Friday plate lunches makes us wish we drove past their place every day so we could have lunch with them.

Check out this gem of a Cajun Restaurant, put their number on speed dial and visit to check out their menu.   We know for certain you will not be disappointed!