Morris Gene Dees

Morris Gene DeesMorris Gene Dees was drafted into the United State Navy on January 27,1944. Gene was 5' 7 1/2" in height, weighing 141 pounds with brown hair and eyes.  His home address was Box 102, Davidson, Oklahoma.  Morris left on Jan. 27, 1944 on a public transportation bus for Okla. City.  Caught a train out of OKC and traveled to San Diego, CA where he spent six weeks in boot camp.


He was sent to U.S. Naval Medical Corp School in San Diego, CA for eight weeks and upon completion was classified as a Hospital Apprentice Second Class.  He was sent to Farragaut, Idaho for 10 months more of training and schooling.  In Nov. 1944 he signed up for oversees duty and was shipped to San Bruno, CA in Dec. 1944 where he trained with the Marines and then was sent to Treasure Island where he embarked overseas.

He was Shipped out late at night not knowing where he was going except to South Pacific where the fighting was hot and heavy.  They crossed the equator on board the U.S.S. General O.H. Ernst AP-133 on March 26, 1945.  He was duly initiated into the Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep.  After 13 days at sea he disembarked at Espritis Santo, one of the islands of the New Hebrides, where he remained five weeks.  He lived in a Quonset hut.  He later worked at the dispensary where he gave inoculations and took care of minor wounds, including stitches.  He slept in the back of the dispensary, and a sloping hill was there where when  it rained water rushed in and soaked his bedding.

From Espritis Santo he was sent to the island of New Calidonia, the fourth largest island in the Pacific.  He was not sent to the front lines with the Marines which he had trained for, but was sent to the large Fleet Hospital 105 and was made Pharmacist's Mate Third Class.   With all the battles in the South Pacific area, Fleet Hospital 105 was equipped with the best of equipment to take care of the seriously wounded.  Morris worked on the Orthopedic Ward which was located next to the operating room.  The seriously wounded were first brought to his ward.  After they got better they were moved to other areas in the hospital.  Morris assisted nurses in taking care of the needs of the wounded, some without arms or legs.  Morris took the test and made Pharmacist Mate Second Class. 

Morris and his buddies celebrated V-E day, Victory in Europe, on May 7, 1945 and V-J Day, Victory over Japan on Sept. 2, 1945.  The war was over but much remained to be done such as getting  the wounded well enough to travel on hospital ships.  He was on a troop ship for 13 days before arriving at Australia, but endured 31 days on a flat-bottomed service ship, LST, to return to the U.S by way of Honolulu where he was given shore leave. 

Upon docking in San Francisco, CA he returned to Norman, OK via train.  All airplanes were used in combat so ships, trains, and buses were used.  He was Pharmacist's Mate Second Class, SV-6, USNR when honorably discharged at Norman, OK on May22, 1946 having served and satisfactorily completed two years, four months, and three days of training and service on active duty in the United States Navy, World War II.